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Athletes should experience joy, dedication and achievement when participating in shooting sport. Everyone involved in our sport should be safe and treated with respect. Unfortunately, some individuals may cross the line and display harassing or abusive behaviour, with devastating consequences.

The ISSF's Safeguarding Policy Against Harassment and Abuse

Effective 1 January 2018, the ISSF Policy and Procedures Safeguarding Against Harassment and Abuse

The Safeguarding Policy applies to all Athletes, Accredited Persons, ISSF Representatives,  Competition Officials, Organisers and Volunteers, Support Personnel (Coaches, Trainers etc.) etc. 

  • Quick fact sheet provides information on how to proceed with reporting a complaint
  • To report an incident, please use the  “ISSF Incident Report Form”  and
  • Send us a confidential email at or via the Athlete’s Committee at 

Harassment and abuse prevention with education 

It is not always easy to understand where boundaries are, when to say no, how to reach out for help; and, sometimes, myths need to be dispelled. This is why education is essential to safeguard athletes and those working around them.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s has developed information and educational tools on harassment and abuse. The ISSF strongly recommends that everyone involved in sport - in particular athletes, parents, grooms, coaches, medical personnel and sport officials – familiarise themselves with this information. 

Sport organisations policies against harassment and abuse

Fighting harassment and abuse requires that clear rules are set, reporting mechanisms are accessible and perpetrators are sanctioned and/or removed from sport. To this end every sport organisation must devise a safeguarding policy and put in place the processes necessary to implement it. Recognising this, the IOC has developed resources for IFs, NOCs and NFs, as well as a Toolkit which is a step-by-step guide to elaborating a safeguarding policy.


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