ISSF Athletes Committee

The Athletes Committee consists of 10 (ten) members comprising the Chairman and nine (9) members of which three (3) are from shotgun, three (3) from rifle and three (3) from pistol. Six (6) members are elected by the athletes (two (2) of each discipline). Three (3) members are
appointed by the Executive Committee (one (1) of each discipline) considering the representation of the Continental Confederations pursuant to Article 14.3 and the number of votes received by the athletes. The Chairman shall be elected by and from among the nine (9) members of the Athletes Committee. After the election of the Chairman the athlete with the highest number of votes corresponding to the Chairman’s discipline shall be adapted as tenth (10
th) member of the Athletes Committee. Further details on the electoral rules shall be set out in the procedural regulations concerning the Athletes Committee. 

·      The Athletes Committee must have at least four members of each gender. 

·      The Athletes Committee shall consist of at least one athlete from Member Federations of every Continental Confederation. 

·      The Athletes Committee’s duties include: 

·      Gathering information and opinions from athletes on their needs and problems with regard to the Olympic Games and major ISSF Competitions; 

·      Consulting with athletes in the evaluation of the rules and regulations of the shooting sports and subsequently provide feedback to the ISSF;
Establishing contacts and coordinating activities with the Athlete Committees of the IOC, NOCs, Continental and National Federations; 

·      Participating in working groups, to ensure the best possible conditions for the training, accommodation and living conditions for the athletes as well as for the conduct of the ISSF competitions; 

·      Engaging actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play;
Establishing a direct link between athletes within the ISSF; 

·      Reporting through its Chairman to the Executive Committee and Council concerning its meetings and activities. 

·      A representative member of the Athletes Committee may attend meetings of other ISSF Committees with voice but without vote. 

·      The provisions established for the Committees also apply to the Athletes Committee 

The Athletes Committee members are present during most ISSF supervised competitions and can be contacted at all times directly under


ISSF Athlete’s Handbook

The ISSF has launched the ISSF Athlete’s Handbook, a useful guide for shooting sport athletes on various aspects related to their career and life, in a step taken to assist athletes in handling the rigours of the sport. 

The Handbook is available for download at this link (click to download) 

ISSF Safeguarding Policy

ISSF now has a “Safeguarding Policy”. It is a set of guidelines that are in place, notably at all ISSF supervised competitions, to ensure that all ISSF athletes and competition officials compete and work in an environment that is free from abuse and harassment.


Election Regulations for the ISSF Athletes Committee

Members of ISSF athletes committee

Chairman of the ISSF Athletes Committee

Cassio Rippel

Brazilian Shooting Sport Confederation
Rua Padre Petrus Joannes Dingenouts, 26
Pq Alto Taquaral
CEP 13.087-781
BRA - Campinas, São Paulo


Phone: +55 19 981641839

Member of the ISSF Athletes Committee

Daniele Di Spigno

Federazione Italiana Tiro a Volo


Email: (Federation)

Member of the ISSF Athletes Committee

Petar Gorsa

Ul. Lucica XXXII, 21
CRO - 23234 Vir


Phone: +385 (99) 7920988

Member of the ISSF Athletes Committee

Olena Kostevych

Alleitenweg 45/6
AUT - 4030 Linz


Phone: +43 (677) 61775783 (Private)
Phone: +380 (44) 2891253 (Federation)
Mobile: +380 980593514
Email: (Federation)
Web: (Federation)

Member of the ISSF Athletes Committee

Christian Reitz

Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Str. 35
GER - 93053 Regensburg


Phone: +49 (611) 468070 (Federation)
Mobile: +49 (176) 62204527 (Private)
Email: (Federation)
Web: (Federation)


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