ISSF Championship Organizers Workshop

Schedule and agenda

Saturday, 02 December 2023

Official arrival day for all Workshop Participants

Sunday, 03 Decemeber 2023

0900-0915 Workshop Opening and Welcome


Opening Remarks

President Activities and Report

Luciano Rossi
ISSF President

Workshop Orientation

 Indroduction of ISSF Staff

Workshop Objectives

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Resources

Willi Grill
ISSF Secretary General

2023 ISSF Championships,Review and Analysis

Championships Statistic and Data

Highlights,Problems and Leasons learned

Championship Objectives for 2024 

Jörg Brokamp
ISSF Technical Committee Chairman
1000-1030 Paris 2024 Olympic Games  Update

General Olympic Games Preparations

Sports Presentation Plans

NTO Training

April 2024 National Test Event

Peter Underhill

Competition Manager Paris 2024


Coffee Break

International Paralympic Committee Shooting Update

A Report on the 2203 Para-clay target Shooting

Grand Prix and the Paralympic shotgun shooting developement project

2023 IPC Championships

IPC-ISSF Future Cooperation



Tyler Anderson/ Christian Holtz

IPC Shooting Manager


E- Games

E- Games Singapore Report

New opportunity for developing

Kiishiro Matsumaru

ISSF E- Sport Committee Chairman


RTS Operations & Support for Organizers

 Athlte's ID, Database, Online Entry

Official Program and Schedule Support

Support of the event before Start and during the Competition

Official Results Book, Archived Results

RTS Personnel and Facilities

Coordination with Results Provider

EST Operations during Competitions

Results List Producation and Distribution

Willi Grill
ISSF Secretary General
Athltes Committee Recomendations

Recomendations from the ISSF Athletes

Committee for improving ISSF Championships

Cassio Rippel
ISSF Athletes Committee Chairman
1230-1400 Lunch Breack. 
1400-1430 How to prepare  Championship Schedule

Schedules all Chmpionship Functions

Types of Schedules( competition, training, transportation, hotels, etc.)

Recommended Time Allocations

Event coordination

Schedule approval/change process

Schedule distribution


Gerardo Trotta

ISSF  Pistol Committee Chairman


Organizing Committee Anti-Doping Responsibilities

Anti-Doping Documents and Resources

Doping Test Responsibilities, the TD's Role in supervising Doping Tests

The 2024 TDP

The TUE Process and Beta Blocker Abuse

Anti Doping Teams

TD Anti_Doping responsibilities

Doping Control Handbook

Preparing a doping control plan

Communication and coordination with the LDCO

Testing reports


Dr. James M. Lally

ISSF Medical Committee Chairman


ISSF Juries and their Work

Organizer support for Juries

Guidelines for Jury Work during  Competitions

Duties and Responsibilities of Juries and Referees

Chislaine Briez
 ISSF Judges Committee Chairman

1510-1540 Coffee Break
1540-1600 Mini Topics - Often Overlooked

A  presenation on a series of important, but often overlooked '' mini-topics'' that focus on problems often encountered by Organizers

Biserka Vrbek
ISSF Statutes and Eligibility Committee Chairman

ISSF Communications and ISSF TV

ISSF TV Program Review 2023

ISSF TV Plans 2024

Interactive Discussion with Organizers about TV

Leonardo De Mai
ISSF TV Manager

EOC- European Olympic Committees

Possible relationship developements with Continental Olympic Committees

Dr. Folker Hellmund
EOC Director 

Rifle-Pistol-Shotgun Equipment Control

Operation and preparationof EQ

Preparation of EQ 



Calibration procedure

Issue of control cards

Random selections and distribuations

Preparation of the Finals EQ Shotgun

Rosane Batista Ramos
ISSF Member of the ISSF Technical Committee
Dinner for all Workshop Participants in the Restaurant  of the Hilton Hotel

Monday, 04 December - General Sessions for All Delegates


Shotgun Competition Operations

Shotgun schedules ( training and competition)

Shotgun Referees and Staff

Conducting training, qualification, shoot offs

Final procedures- how to conduct Finals

Finals sport presentation

Problems and solutions


Mohamed Wahdan

ISSF Shotgun Committee Chairman


Sustainable Championships

IOC Agenda 2028 and sustainability

What is a sustainability championship- is that a realistic goal for ISSF Organizers ?

What can Organizers do to improve the sustainability of their championships?

Dr. Sandra Honour
ISSF Sustainability Committee Chairman

Good Governance and Integrity

Outcome of independent governance audit and plans for 2024

Roadmap for ASOIF governance audit

Eddie Marshbaum
International Sport Campaigne Group

Commercial Strategy

Outcome from consultation process

Presentation of framework for 2024 commercial strategy

Michael Harvey
International Sport Campaign Group
Coffee Break

ISSF Communication

Outcome of independent communications audit

Presenation of communications strategy for 2024


Nicholas Davies

International Sport Campaign Group


Finals Range Design and Sport Presenation R&P

Finals range layout and design

New ideas in finals sports presentation

Paul Gumn
ISSF Member of the  ISSF Technical Committee

Finals Planing, Preparation and Conduct SH

Finals range layout

Finals range staffing

Keys to great Finals

Detailed procedures for the contuct of Finals 

Ivan Carella
President Trap Concaverde

1230-1400 Lunch Breack

Future ISSF Events R&P

Qualification and Finals Changes for future events

David Goodfellow
ISSF Chairman Rifle Committee

Future ISSF Events SH

Qualification and Finals Changes for future events

Daniele Ghelfi
 ISSF Member Shotgun Committee

Coaches' Recomendations

Recomendations from the ISSF Coaches

Committee for improving ISSF Championships

Csaba Györik

ISSF Coaches Committee Chairman



1500-1530 Coffee Break
1530-1545 Workshop Closed Luciano Rossi
ISSF President
1545-1730 Special Session for Organizers
Paul Gumn, Rosane Ramos,Daniele Ghelfi, David Goodfellow,Gerado Trotta,Willi Grill
Departure for Dinner for all Workshop Participants at the "Sollner Hof" Restaurant

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