World Cups

ISSF World Cup Series

Frequency: every year, three or four stages in Rifle/Pistol events and three of four stages in Shotgun events

Last edition: 2018 ISSF World Cup Series

Next edition: 2019 ISSF World Cup Series

Number of shooting sport events: 15 events in three disciplines

Medal winners at the ISSF World Cup

Find out the medal winners of the ISSF World Cup in all its editions!

The ISSF World Cup Series

Every year the ISSF World Cup Series articulates in three or four different stages in Rifle/Pistol, and in three or four different stages in Shotgun events.

Together with the ISSF World Championship, the ISSF World Cup Series can award Olympic quota places and it’s therefore considered an Olympic qualification competition.

The single stages are organized every year by Member Federations appointed by the International Shooting Sport Federation. They usually take place in different countries between March and August. Combined World Cup stages — where events of all the three disciplines are contested — can be organized.

The ISSF World Cups history

During the 1970s and early 1980s, national federations in several countries organized major competitions according to ISSF rules that attracted large international participation.

These competitions included the “Benito Juarez” Matches in Mexico City as well as important “international match weeks” organized in cities like Bucharest, Rumania; Havana, Cuba; Munich, West Germany; Suhl, German Democratic Republic and Zurich, Switzerland.  ISSF member federations and their members enthusiastically supported these matches because their shooters wanted more international competitions.  
In 1986, those major international matches provided the foundation for a new ISSF initiative to create an Olympic Games qualification system that would be acceptable to the IOC.

Those international matches were the inspiration for a major expansion of the ISSF’s program of championships.  They were the predecessors of the ISSF World Cups that became part of the Olympic qualifying system.
To increase the number of opportunities that shooters had to compete for and earn Olympic Quotas for their countries, the ISSF established a new series of World Cups and included them in the Olympic qualifying system. The ISSF further strengthened the new World Cup system by deciding, at the 1986 General Assembly, to recognize scores fired in World Cups as World Records.

The large international competitions that were then being organized were designated as the first ISSF World Cups.  The inaugural ISSF World Cup took place in Havana, Cuba in March 1987 when the traditional “Anniversario del INDER” international matches, organized by the National Institute for Sports, Physical Education and Recreation in Cuba - were designated as a World Cup.  The 16th “Benito Juarez” Matches that followed in Mexico City were designated as the second ISSF World Cup.

Today, four Rifle and Pistol World Cups and four Shotgun World Cups are designated by the ISSF Executive Committee every year. 

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