Finals Skeet Women

Rhode atop of an all-american podium at the Skeet Women final in Munich

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun · Munich, GER

The three-time Olympic Champion Rhode won her second wHer teammates Drodz and Dunn followed her in second and third place.orld cup Gold medal in a row.

Today's Skeet Women final at the 2014 ISSF World Cup in Munich eded up in an all-american podium: the reigning Olympic Champion Kimberly Rhode winning the Gold, and her teammates Brandy Drozd and Haley Dunn pocketing the Silver and the Bronze medals.


“My teammates shot fantastic, and it's great to be on the podium all together. It's incredible, it really shows how deep our team is.” Kim Rhode said, under three American flags weaving upon Munich's podium.


“We have a very strong team, we're pushing each other to do better and better, and that's perfect on the way to our ultimate goal, Rio 2016.”


The 34-years old Gold medal winner – a three-time Olympic Champion – closed the semi-final tied to her 20-year old teammate Brandy N Drodz with 15 hits out of 16 targets. The following Gold medal match did not separate them, as both Rhode and Drodz cleared the round hitting all 16 clays.

The medals had to be assigned through a shoot-off, which was decided at station 4: Drodz missed her first two targets, Rhode shattered them both, winning the Gold with a score of 16+6 to Drodz's 16+4 hits.


The third US finalist, the 29-year old four-time world cup winner Haley Dunn, joined the all-american podium beating Russia's Albina Shakirova (27) by 15 to 11 hits in the Bronze medal match.


Italy's Diana Bacosi (30) and Poland's Aleksandra Jarmolinska (23) followed the medal match contenders in fifth and sixth place, with a score of 12 hits in the semi-final.


Rhode had won Bronze at the first world cup stage of the season, in Tucson, Arizona. Then, she climbed atop of the podium at the second world cup match in Almaty, Kazakhstan, three weeks ago.

“Having won two Golds and one Bronze in the last three world cup stages, I am ecstatic.” Rhode said.


“I have been training really hard, so it's paying off and I couldn't be more pleased!”

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Finals Skeet Women


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