ISSF Executive Committee approves Rules for ISSF Development Fund and 2025 and 2026 Competition Hosts

Rules for the €2million ISSF Development Fund have been approved by the ISSF Executive Committee in its meeting at the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) headquarters in Rome.

All five continents will be represented on the Board of Trustees (BoT) overseeing the Fund, which, to ensure speedy delivery, will deal with claims up to €20,000, with larger sums requiring ExCo approval. 

The Fund aims to promote shooting sport worldwide through the provision of equipment.

Support can be sought by ISSF Member Federations from nations where the shooting sport – or certain disciplines within it - require development.

It will provide for items such as targets, scoring systems, shooting equipment and ammunition.

Further details will shortly be announced by the BoT.

The ExCo approved development of the new ISSF Coaches Academy for which ISSF will have the responsibility of maintaining the official register of the individual coaches and delivering the respective Licenses.

 The Academy will be an educational system bringing together the athletes, coaches, leaders and sport supporters, including the shooting industry.

This open window to the core values and professionalism of the ISSF will be initially accessible online.

Approval was given to the President's proposal of establishing a Refugees Fund – for refugee shooters - of 10,000.

Also approved were the new Travel Guidelines and Indemnity and the President’s proposal to offer contributions to ISSF major events in 2024 for TV broadcasting costs.

The ExCo meeting was attended by Kit McConnell, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sports Director and Giovanni Malagò, the CONI President.

Also the Competition hosts for 2025 and 2026 were approved by the ExCo, with days to be confirmed by the ISSF in due course. 


ISSF GP Rifle and Pistol 10m, Ruse, Slovenia;
ISSF WC R&P/Shotgun, Buenos Aires, Argentina;
ISSF WC Sh, Larnaca, Cyprus;

 ISSF WC Juniors R&P/Sh, Suhl, Germany;

ISSF WC R&P, Munich, Germany;
ISSF WC Sh, Lonato, Italy;
ISSF WC R&P, Ningbo, China;
ISSF WC R&P/Sh, Lima, Peru;
ISSF WC R&P/Sh, Cairo, Egypt.

ISSF GP/R&P 10m, Ruse, Slovenia;

ISSF WC Sh, Rabat, Morocco;
ISSF WC R&P, Granada, Spain
ISSF WC Sh, Shymkent, Kazakhstan;

ISSF WCH Juniors R&P /Sh, Suhl, Germany;
ISSF WC R&P, Munich, Germany;
ISSF WC Sh, Lonato, Italy;

ISSF WC Juniors Sh, Porpetto, Italy;
ISSF WC R&P/Sh, Hangzhou, China;
ISSF WC R&P, Cairo, Egypt.




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