Exciting Day of Competition at 19th Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China

Exciting Day of Competition at 19th Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China

19th Asian Games Medal Standings

Hangzhou, China - The 19th Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China, continued to deliver thrilling moments as the 5th day of finals unfolded with intense competition and remarkable achievements. Here are the results:

10m Air Pistol Team Men Event Results:

  • Gold Medal: Sarabjot Singh, CHEEMA Arjun Singh, NARWAL Shiva (IND)
  • Silver Medal: LIU Jinyao, XIE Yu, ZHANG Bowen (CHN)
  • Bronze Medal: LAI Cong Minh, PHAM Quang Huy, PHAN Cong Minh (VIE)

10m Running Target Women Event Results:

  • Gold Medal: IRNAZAROVA Zukhra (KAZ)
  • Silver Medal: RI Jiye (PRK)
  • Bronze Medal: PAEK Oksim (PRK)

10m Running Target Team Women Event Results:

  • Gold Medal: PAEK Oksim, PANG Myonghyang, RI Jiye (PRK)
  • Silver Medal: IRNAZAROVA Fatima, IRNAZAROVA Zukhra, SADUAKASSOVA Alexandra (KAZ)
  • Bronze Medal: BACHTIAR Feny, INDRIANI Nourma Try, PERANGIN ANGIN Rica Nensi (INA)

10m Air Pistol Men Event Results:

  • Gold Medal: PHAM Quang Huy (VIE)
  • Silver Medal: LEE Wonho (KOR)
  • Bronze Medal: SVECHNIKOV Vladimir (UZB)

Skeet Mixed Team Event Results:

  • Gold Medal: YECHSHENKO Eduard and ORYNBAY Assem (KAZ)
  • Silver Medal: ALRASHIDI Abdullah and ALSHAMAA Eman (KUW)
  • Bronze Medal 1: AL-ATHBA Rashid Saleh and AL-SHARSHANI Reem (QAT)
  • Bronze Medal 2: LIU Jiangchi and JIANG Yiting (CHN)

These results reflect the outstanding performances of athletes from across Asia, showcasing their dedication, skill, and sportsmanship on the grand stage of the 19th Asian Games 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the Games continue to unfold.

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