Since the General Assembly a month ago, it was promised that ISSF will finalise a Draft of the ISSF Rulebook by the 1st January, 2023.

With the start of the new year we have a number of ISSF Championships taking place in January. The Rulebook is urgently needed, particularly having had a complete year without one during 2022.

This draft that we publish today is not the final version. Having said that, we should explain the shortcomings. When re-writing the rulebook, the first obvious task is to change the wording to ensure a clear concise explanation for all involved in our sport. It is felt that we have almost achieved this element in the documents presented today. But with a system of rule numbering that is required, we now need to spend time working on ensuring that the rule numbering is accurate. Many rules will retain the numbers that some are familiar with but inevitably others will change and there will be additional ones. We therefore ask you for some patience and understanding that the rule numbering is not final and the task of checking them is continuing.  Additionally, there are many cross references within the rules and these can only be checked after the rule numbering is complete. We also have the various section Indexes that also need checking and amending, again this can only be done once the rule numbering is final. As soon as these processes are complete, we shall publish the updated versions for you.

We can assure you that as soon as the various ISSF Committee members have been elected in the coming weeks, they will be tasked with creating a strategy whereby the 2025 Rulebook is produced in an efficient and timely manner. We do not want to discourage you from suggesting and proposing rule amendments that will improve our Sport, so we would ask that any comments regarding this Draft, particularly any errors or omissions that are spotted, together with thoughts for the 2025 Rulebook, be sent to the following email address, where they will be monitored and noted and dealt with as appropriate.

You will find under Rules in each section the ISSF rules with the name Draft 01.01.2023 






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