The ISSF executive committee has a new president: Luciano Rossi

Dear shooting friends from all over the world
We apologize that no information from yesterday's election for the new president could be found on the website. 
The ISSF executive committee has a new president: Luciano Rossi.
Mr. Rossi thanks everyone who supported him. 
We are pleased to welcome Mr. Rossi as the new president of the ISSF and we thank all members who participated in the election. We are excited to see what the future holds for the ISSF under his leadership.
He looks forward to working with all of you to promote the sport of shooting and make it more accessible to people around the world. 
Mr. Rossi is committed to making sure that shooting remains a safe, innovative, and competitive sport. 
He will be working hard to ensure that the ISSF continues to be a modern organisation for the shooting sports.
We are confident that Mr. Rossi will be a great leader for the ISSF and will help move the organization forward. 
We look forward to hearing more from Mr. Rossi in the months to come. 


The ISSF Executive Committee



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