4 more medals for Indian team!

ISSF World Cup Junior · Suhl, GER

Today athletes competed for the medals in team events at the ISSF World Cup Junior in Suhl, Germany.

4 gold medals out of 6 possible were won by athletes from India.


Indian athletes Paarth MAKHIJA, Umamahesh MADDINENI and Rudrankksh Balasaheb PATIL won in the 10m Air Rifle Team Men Junior. Their rivals in Gold medal match Jesus OVIEDO, Adrian DIAZ and Jorge ESTEVEZ SOLORZANO from Spain won the Silver. Third place went to Tobias BERNHOFT-OSA, Even Olai Enger THRONDSEN and Isak GURRIK from Norway.


Among Women Junior, Arya BORSE, Zeena KHITTA and Ramita RAMITA from India showed the best result in this event. Second place went to Yeeun AN, Eunji KWON and Jeongin JANG from the Republic of Korea. Bronze was won by Italy's Sofia CECCARELLO, Virginia LEPRI and Anna SCHIAVON.


Manu BHAKER, Palak PALAK and Esha SINGH from India won Gold in the 10m Air Pistol Women Junior. Second place went to Salome PRODIASHVILI, Mariam ABRAMISHVILI and Mariami PRODIASHVILI from Georgia, third place went to Vanessa SEEGER, Celina BECKER and Mia FUCHS from Germany.


Among Men Junior athletes from India Sarabjot SINGH, Chaudhary SAURABH and Shiva NARWAL also won this event. Silver was won by Mukhammad KAMALOV, Veniamin NIKITIN and Umidbek KOMOLBEKOV from Uzbekistan. The third were the Italians Mattia SCODES, Matteo MASTROVALERIO and Luca ARRIGHI.


In Trap Team Women Junior the best result was shown by Italians Marika PATERA, Sofia GORI and Sofia LITTAME. Preeti RAJAK, Bhavya TRIPATHI and Sabeera Haris HARIS from India came in second, Renae Mary JONES, Molly Ruth BRETAG and Kiara Sioux-Lin DEAN from Australia came in third.


Americans Lance Patrick THOMPSON, Emilio Ernest CARVALHO and Matthew Christian KUTZ won Gold in Trap Team Men Junior. Arya Vansh TYAGI, Shardul VIHAN and Vivaan KAPOOR from India finished in second place, Italy's Matteo DAMBROSI, Samuele FAUSTINELLI and Riccardo MIRABILE finished in third.


Tomorrow the athletes will compete for medals in the Trap Mixed Team event.



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