IOC approves ISSF request to prolong Tokyo 2020 qualification period

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed the acceptance of the changes proposed by the ISSF for the Qualification System for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Last December, the newly elected ISSF Executive Committee had unanimously voted to prolong the internal Qualification period for the 2020 Olympic Games from April 30th, 2020, till May 31st, 2020. A request to accept such a change was sent to the IOC.


The initiative belongs to the European Shooting Confederation (ESC). Back in autumn of 2017 the ESC suggested to keep the period of Olympic Qualification till spring 2020 in order to increase attention to the shooting sport and give additional chances to athletes from many nations to win the right of participation in the Games. Otherwise in Shotgun, for example, all Quotas would have been distributed nearly one year before the Games and in Rifle/Pistol nearly 6 months before the Games.


The previous ISSF leadership accepted the idea and set the deadline for Olympic Qualification by April 30th, 2020. But later a decision was taken about the Test Event in Tokyo in the second half of April 2020 and it became impossible to organize the final European Olympic Qualification Tournament before May 2020.   


The updated Qualification System document for the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo is now available for download on the ISSF website, at, under the “General” folder. 


Please, make sure to download the new Qualification System.


360 Quota Places will be distribute to shooters from all over the world, to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games, that will take place in Tokyo form 24 July through 9 August 2020. Athletes will compete in 15 different Shooting sport events, including 6 men, 6 women, as well as 3 mixed team events - that will make their debut in Tokyo, ensuring a full gender equality in our sport.

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