New ISSF Leadership’s first decision: 10M USD fund to develop the sport

President Vladimir Lisin will contribute with his personal means, while the Industry is invited to make further contributions.

Vladimir Lisin, the newly elected ISSF President, decided to establish a Development Fund that will not depend on the money the ISSF has received or will receive from the IOC. 


To begin with, he has committed to contribute USD 10.000.000 (ten million) of his personal means for the quadrennium 2019-2022. This money will be transferred to the ISSF accounts not later than 10 January 2019.


The Industry is invited to make further contributions - financial or material.

According to the President's plan, there will be three groups of grantees. The Member Federations that need assistance in developing the shooting sport in their countries. The Member Federations that get Quota Places for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The athletes who lead the ISSF ranking by the end of the year. 

The conditions of rendering assistance or establishing grants will be determined by the ISSF Executive Committee. 


The Development Fund will be run by the Board of Trustees. 


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