Olympic Games Qualification

Quota Places by Event and Name

Athletes who have won a Quota Place in the Mixed Team Events at the WCH Changwon 2018 are (still) eligible to obtain a Quota Place in Individual Events in the following Qualifying Competitions.

Version: (23.06.2021)

nation flagARGEBERHARDT, Alexis Exequiel2019PAGLima
nation flagAUSROSSITER, Jack2019OCHSydney
nation flagBLRSHCHERBATSEVICH, Yury2019EUGMinsk
nation flagCHNYANG, Haoran2018WCHChangwon
 CHNZHAO, Zhonghao2019WCBeijing
nation flagCZENEPEJCHAL, Filip2019WCBeijing
nation flagDENOLSEN, Steffen2021By ISSF World Ranking
nation flagEGYELSAEID, Osama2019AFCTipasa
nation flagHUNPENI, Istvan2019WCNew Delhi
nation flagINDRAJPUT, Sanjeev2019WCRio de Janeiro
 INDTOMAR, Aishwary Pratap Singh2019ASCDoha
nation flagIRISEDAGHAT, Mahyar2019ASCDoha
nation flagITABACCI, Lorenzo2019ECHBologna
 ITADE NICOLO, Marco2019WCNew Delhi
nation flagJPNHost Country2018By ISSF Rule
nation flagKAZYURKOV, Yuriy2019ASCDoha
nation flagKORKIM, Jonghyun2019WCMunich
nation flagLTUGIRULIS, Karolis2021ECHOsijek
nation flagMEXSANCHEZ, Jose Luis2019PAGLima
nation flagNORCLAUSSEN, Simon2019WCRio de Janeiro
 NORLARSEN, Henrik2018WCHChangwon
nation flagOMAALKHATRI, Hamed Said2021IOC Tripartite
nation flagPOLBARTNIK, Tomasz2018WCHChangwon
nation flagSRBSTEFANOVIC, Milutin2019WCMunich
nation flagUSAMCPHAIL, Michael2018WCHChangwon
 USANORTON, George2018CATGuadalajara
nation flagVENIEMMA HERNANDEZ, Julio Cesar2021By MQS


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